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Tobias Kräntzer

Freelancing mobile and backend developer.

As a software engineer I’m mostly building iOS apps for iPhone and iPad and from time to time I'm working on projects with the web framework Django or the XMPP server ejabberd.

Recently I was designing an architecture for data-driven apps that implement the offline-first paradigm. Based on this, I wrote a few frameworks to apply this pattern in iOS apps easily.

While building applications, I like to divide them into smaller pieces and conquer each part separately. Mostly this results into well tested reusable components.

Before freelancing I was a senior iOS developer at nxtbgthng and worked among others on the mobile iOS apps for ARTE and SoundCloud. Before that I was a research assistant at the Fraunhofer ISST (now FOCUS) and worked on location-based and event-driven services.

Having a strong electronic engineering background I also did projects in the “Internet of Things”, as you would call it now, and had the technical lead in a research project, where I created, among others, a prototype for controlling home automation via XMPP.

I’m thinking a lot about how services can be designed to provide open federation, for this I'm trying to use XMPP as the communication layer. Currently I’m working on a stack for integrating decentralised realtime-communication into Cocoa apps.

I like to connect myself with other people to exchange ideas and knowledge. That's why I'm part of CocoaHeads Berlin and also visiting other meet ups and events. In addition, I participated the AfricaHackTrip and even met an iOS Developer there.

Implementing the data-management and client-server communication is not always everybody's best friend. I can help with my experience in implementing those backbones and give others more freedom to concentrate on building the user interface.